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welcome to fuckyeahgaycouple's match making blog! here we wish to bring gay bloggers together by profiling and organizing them.

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Vinny | 20 | Brisbane, Australia | Single
Hey I’m Vinny :) Just pretty much looking for some cool blogs to chat/follow :) The blog I run is a mixture of boys and fashion haha
Living in los angeles, Starbucks Barista
really do enjoy conversations

Anonymous asked: And where tf am I supposed to find the canada tag? …

Name: SamLives In: SingaporeSexual Orientation: GayAge: 20Relationship Status: SingleBiography: Hullo~ ^^; I’ve nothing much to talk about myself… meh, just hop by my blog and hit the message button if you’re curious. C:
Name: Justin
Age: 19
Location: Texas
Interested in long distance?: YES YES YES
Bio: I have a hard time describing myself, but I’ll do my best. I was raised in a small town and definitely came out of my shell when I moved away from home. I love having someone to talk to and be comfortable with at all times. I like to lay in bed all day and watch Netflix or play video games (I play FFXIV atm). When I go out, I like to explore the town and see what kind of foods I can find to eat and neat little boutiques. Shopping and clubbing are good pastimes. I’m really shy at first, but I can open up really easily. My fun side can get a little crazy, so you have to be able to handle me or keep up. ;) 
Height: 5’7”
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Naturally light brown
Virgin?: No
Smoking: Socially
Drinking: Every now and then
Job: Student, Resident Assistant, Associate at AA
Education Level: Third year undergrad.
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Perfect Date: A perfect date has to include a nice meal and walking around the city, coffee or tea in hand, getting to know one another and exchanging laughs.

Anonymous asked: Is there anyone from canada? :D


hello everyone, this is murat. i live in istanbul and i’m so up for chat. i have some issues and i just wanna have someone to talk. my eyes are green and i love noodles. :)

here’s my blog. don’t be shy. 
Age: 26
Sexuality: Gay
Long distance: is okay!.
Bio: I’m a graduate student doing my PhD in US, but originally from India. I have ambitions that usually keep me up all night and life isn’t really as bad as it seems to be in my head. I like friends because friends are great. Anything more than that rarely comes along but here’s a try :)
Hello, I’m Karl. I’m an art student as well as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.
My name is Zuni. I just started my new gay blog and post mostly gay cute guys and my thoughts on being gay and living as a gay male. I also reblog fashion <3Young, simple, smart and spontaneous.
Please love my blog -
Home - Greensboro
Love Everyone :)
hi there, my names christian, im 18, and i live in northwest florida
i spend most of my time playing pokemon or listening to beyoncé, but im into a lot of things, which helps with making friends
i guess im open to the idea of long distance, but it would depend on the situation
feel free to message me at thesupremegay, im always open to meeting new people

Anonymous asked: awfully hard to believe that no one's from colorado :(


Anonymous asked: Omg hey :D and I wanna know is there Anybody from the Miami area ? Not for hooks up or nothing like that ! Just to make friends ?

check the florida tag! that’s your best bet