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Name’s Nick. My tumblr name’s Whip. Hopeless romantic. 18 years old. Really into music. Sounds cheesy, but I’m looking for my soulmate. I’ve tried long distance before and it hasn’t really worked out that well. :/ Inbox me and/or visit my blog if you want to get to know me better. I’d love to meet someone with a great personality; someone who is loyal, funny and cute and can love me as much as I can love them. ;)
my tumblr:
Description: my blog is mostly just my feelings and other things I find interesting or beautiful.
Hey. So this is rather hard for me to introduce myself but here goes nothing: 
Name is Zairul. Turning 20 on the 1st of August. I love to read books, especially the ones associated with love. Recently, I have been reading a trilogy by Maya Banks - BDSM. Do not ask me why, but I find those very intriguing.
I am residing in Singapore, Sengkang. I doubt most of you guys know where Sengkang is. I have been wanting to settle down with a man who is willing to be serious with me through a long term relationship.
I have been single for almost 6 years now. I am honestly sick & tired of living the night life - being a party animal. I occasionally spend my time drinking a glass of wine at some bar just to let time past, otherwise be in my own world by reading my Bible - which is the BDSM book as I mentioned earlier.
Do not get me wrong. I just love the book. Not because I want to try to do all those kind of rough, kinky activities in bed.
Do not ask me what my role is in bed for I do not prioritize pleasure. All I need is a man to love me regardless what role he is in bed.
I love a man who is downright romantic. I know I have flaws like scars & blemishes on my face, but I hope that does not matter. I may not be the next top model for you, however I hope what lies inside of me counts the most.
Leaving paw prints on this lovely page,
24, weird and very shy. Very. Enjoying good books, games and music. 
Follow me? or ask me anything.  I wont bite. I promise. :B 
Hi, My name’s Tyler, I’m 18 and from Texas. I enjoy lots of things like anime, shows that involve magic (Merlin, Witches of East End, Vampire Diaries, etc.). I love learning languages (Currently studying Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese). I play the violin and the viola. I’m very easy to talk to so you can contact me anytime.So yeah that’s about all there is to me. So if you liked any of the things I mentioned or are interested in them talk to me through my blog or kik me @_vxtylerxv_
Hi! Im a theatre major (hopefully!) Transferring to a university next year. (NYU!!! hopefullly!) My blog is The reason being is I am a huge Starkid fan and I met all of them at there concert and i walked up to my friends and i said “omg. I smell like lauren lopez” and the rest is history! My blog is all about my major interests in life. (love, music, life, my fandoms, theatre, and anything that can make me cackle!)
Hey guys, everyone calls me Diego. I live in TX, studying english. A lifeguard, Zumba Instructor, and major dork. I like meeting new people and seeing new blogs (hence why I love this page). feel free to message me anytime (: Check out my blog if you’d like, it describes me pretty well. (:
Hi, I’m Lucas from Brazil. I study fine arts at University of Brasilia. my poetic language involves photography, drawings, web art, sculptures etc. I have an open mind to try new things and to discover what the world has to offer. I also like any kind of music and tv series. If you want to ask anything, I will be happy to answer it. 
Here’s my blog: and sorry if I said something wrong, I’m still learning the language. 
19 years old. Living in Santa Barbara, CA. 
You should follow my blog i post rad photos of contemporary art, blurbs about my life, and things that make me happy. 
About me: I’m pretty weird I guess. I like coffee more than people most times and Radiohead makes me smile! 
Cheers boys!!
Justin. 22. Los Angeles. Student. Retail Slave. Cig Smoker and Midnight Toker. Sushi. Coffee. Art. 90’s. Kickbacks. Cruising Los Angeles. Down to Earth. Sassy. ;)
Heyy, I’m 18 from New Jersey.I love Graphic Design, Singing, & Photography, I loveemeeting new people, so hit me up if you’d like to chat!
Hey, the name’s Brandon. I’m just a sensitive guy looking for happiness. I’m 18 and a senior in high school. I love reading and listening to music. I’m a theater kid lol. My picture is of me basically being a dork. I love to have fun. I don’t like alcohol though. My life’s been rough but I get by. It does well to stay positive.
Engineering student, introvert, I love books, Philippines,
not sure about this picture

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Ello! Name’s Paulo. 18. Vancouver, CA.I’m pretty much an open-book. No judgements will be held against you. The benefits you’ll get with me are that you’ll always stay number one and you’ll always look hot. Haha.
All I ask is for you to be completely yourself and be happy.Kik: pa_ul_o <— You can reach me there. Okies, see you later! :)
My blog is mostly about cute guys and funny stuff